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About Collaborama

Collaborama is a collaborative, programmable Web tool, with features combining those of a wiki, a Web portal, and a programming environment. You can use Collaborama commands to perform a variety of tasks on the Web, such as searching, extracting, or combining information from Web sites. The really useful thing about Collaborama is that everyone can help create and share new commands.

Increasingly, the Web is becoming a collaborative platform. Wikipedia,, and other popular tools have shown the power of community collaboration in assembling information and in communication. Collaborama is a simple demonstration of how software and services might also be created collaboratively -- that is, to share not just content, but code. Collaborama is basically written using itself!


Collaborama is in a very early alpha release stage, but we have many ideas about how to evolve it. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas, or opinions of your own.

Anyone can use Collaborama commands, but you must become a member to have editing priviledges. Currently, to limit abuse, membership is by invitation.

Research Publication

We've written a paper about WubHub (an early version of Collaborama) presented at the Semantic Wiki 2006 workshop in Montenegro:
  • "A Collaborative Programming Environment for Web Interoperability" -- Download PDF


Collaborama was conceived and written by Adam Cheyer and Josh Levy. Of course, we hope the real contributions will come from Collaborama members.

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