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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Recorded

When you sign up as a member of WubHub, we only ask for your full name; no other identifying information is requested.

If you choose, you may update your user profile to include information you want to make available to other WubHub members. Non-members cannot access your profile.

WubHub Usage

We aggregate statistics on the number of calls to functions (e.g. for the use with the "popular" function), but do not record parameters of calls or record calls by individuals.


Since the site is intended to be collaborative, WubHub functions you create, including in your own personal module, are visible to other members. Functions you contribute to the global module are visible even to non-members. (See the "terms" page for further details on contributions.)

As part of versioning, we record who has created or edited each command. We also keep track of who has invited which other WubHub members to join the community.


We store a session key on your computer using cookies when you log in.