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Welcome to Collaborama!

Collaborama is a Collaborative Software Creation Ecoysystem (CSCE) that enables developers and teams to conceive of software ideas, gather requirements, get feedback, team up to work on a project, develop using an iterative process that encourages code reuse, and then test, deploy, market and sell the software project and/or select components or designs used in the project.

The left sidebar proposes several steps to software creation:

  1. Invent: Create a new project or work on an existing one; gather requirements or ideas; communicate your ideas to others.
  2. Team Up: Find the best people with the skills you need to join your project, using our proprietary skillsrank algorithm.
  3. Develop: Using a loosely coupled, collaborative, iterative, wiki-like development approach, create your project by incorporating existing components (designs, data structures, web services, or code logic) or developing new ones.
  4. Market: Package your component for consumption by others in the Marketplace, either as open source or as a paid component.
Everything in Collaborama is a resource, accessible by typing its name on the command line interface above. For instance, typing "help" will bring up a web page named "help", by looking in your path. Resources can be passed arguments, for instance distance: oakland ca,los angeles. See examples for more sample commands. You can view the source for any resource (e.g. view: distance) and if you have write permissions, you will be able to edit it (e.g. edit: distance).

More information is available on the help page.

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