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Functions for 'flag.tir'

   echo(input) [source/edit]   A command to echo back the input argument - input: any input argument - returns: the input argument
   yahooLocalSearch(searchte... [source/edit]   A command to find records that match searchterm at location 'place', using Yahoo Local - searchterm (string): Something to look for - location (string): An address - returns (string[]): List of results
   findPerDiem(year,city,state) [source/edit]   A command to lookup the Per Diem rate for a year, a city, and a state - year (string): A year (e.g. 2007) - city (string): A city (e.g. Oakland) - state (string): A state (e.g. California) - returns (string): Per diem in dollars as an integer value
   split(input,split) [source/edit]   A command to split an input into pieces using split chars - input (string): Any input string - split (string): Split characters - returns (string[]): Split list