Source: groups [edit]


   ajaxGroup   This group is focused on adding AJAX interfaces to WubHub. Homepage at ajaxGroup.ajaxGroup
   geneticFinance   A group to gather people and functionality related to the Genetic Finance project.
   jw   Jamie Weil homepage
   sataire   SAT AI Reasoning Engine. Homepage at
   aigenius   AI Genius. Used for GF Data mining. Homepage at
   greatest-at   A website dedicated to the greatest person at each skill.
   worst-at   A website dedicated to the worst at each skill.
   noahGames   Noah Games. Homepage at
   openiris    Homepage at
   mapp   Mappintosh: the place to search for Apple Apps. Homepage at
   muki   Muki's book
   anapvp   A minecraft website. Homepage at
   collaborama   Collaborama: Re-Inventing Software Development. Homepage at
   perfectCartoon   The World's First Cartoon Search Engine. Available at
   collabExt   Project to add Collaborama features to WubHub.
   activeai   Active AI development. Homepage at
   skillsrank   SkillsRank is a site for applying semantic techniques to recruiting and resumes. Available at
   xac   XperienceAdventureClub is a website for a social club for teens attending science adventures.
   tester   This is a test project
   magicparties website
   maybeathome   Real estate: try before you buy
   adam website
   temp2   Tesmp
   feelingofwonder   Feeling Of Wonder Productions
   demovate   Communities to help solve global problems
   theo   Theo test project
   wwcs   Rick Seedman's Wild West Card Show
   sportstreak   A sports trivia game
   avokai   Website
   speakaboutai   An AI-focused speakers bureau